******************************** Camfident Skin Camfident Skin Is A All Natural Unisex Face WashThat Camfidently Cleanses Your Skin Without Stripping Away All The Good Stuff So You Feel Camfident About The Products You Use💕

Golden Honey-Infused with 24K Gold, Honey, Turmeric With An Energizing Citrus Scent

Benefits: Brighten Complexion*Reducing Acne Scars*Anti-inflammatory*

Increase Elasticity*Detox

Hempy Tea-Infused with Green Tea And Hemp With  A Cooling Mint Scent.

Benefits: Extreme Hydration*Antimicrobial*Anti-inflammatory*Antioxidant Infused*Cooling*Fades Dark Marks

Directions: Apply to face a coin-sized amount of your Camfident Cleanser using your hands or a cleansing pad. Massage into your skin, including your neck. Rinse with lukewarm water or remove with cleansing pad.

Follow with your Magic Mood Mist and Golden Happiness Positive Energy  Potion 

Camfident Cleanser +Free Microfiber Cleansing Pad