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Camfidence Gloss-
Camfidence Gloss is a non-sticky hi-shine lipgloss🌟 that has Avocado Oil 🥑, Coconut Oil🥥, Almond oil🥜, Grapeseed oil🍇, Olive Oil In It💛, but this product that is more than just a lip gloss💄 it's a confidence and Self Esteem Builder 🏗️ I would like you to tell your-self the name of the gloss every time you use it as a reminder that you are wonderfully made queen or king👑
  You’re A Star- Clear Coconut Flavored Gloss With Holographic Stars Toasted Coconut Scented

*You're A Diamond- Clear Cotton Candy Scented Gloss With Holographic Silver Glitter And Blue Shimmer

*You're A Queen- Clear Tropical Punch Scented Gloss With Gold And Holographic Glitter and Reflecks 

*You Are Loved - Baby Pink Tinted Cotton Candy  Scented Gloss

*You're A Brilliant- Brown Tinted Coconut Scented Gloss

*You're a Princess- A Sheer Shimmery Pink Tinted Gloss With Holographic Glitter Glitter Cotton Candy Scented

*You're Camfident- Iridescent Copper Gloss With Mint Flavoring

*You're Poppin -  Iridescent Purple Gloss With Mint Flavoring 

*You're Golden- Clear Gloss With Real 24k Gold Flakes Mint Scented 

*You're Shining- intense Glitter Gloss With Pink Tones Multicolored Glitter Mint Flavored

* You're Charming- Clear Glitter Gloss With Pink, Green, And Purple Reflect With Mint Flavoring 

• You're A Real One - Sheer Carmel Brown Gloss With Mint Flavoring

*You're Strong - Pure Silver Flakes With Sliver And Pearl Shimmer Mint Flavored

*You're Unstoppable- Pinkish Purple with Blue And Aqua Shimmer Mango Passion Fruit Flavoring 

*You're Precious-  Clear Gloss With Purple, Blue And Iridescent Chucky Glitter Glitter, Coconut and Passion Fruit Flavored 

  You’re Dazzling- Intense Silver Holographic Glitters With Peach Flavoring 

You’re Gleaming- Intense Gold Holographic Glitter With Champagne Flavoring 

You’re An Angel- Cream Gloss With Birthday Cake Flavoring 

You’re Sweet- Light Pink Gloss With Bubble Gum Flavoring 

Your A Darling - Nude Mauve Pink Gloss With Bubble Gum Flavoring

You’re Peachy- Deep Peach Nude With  Toasted Marshmallow Flavoring 

You’re Inspiring- Light Nude Brown Gloss With Birthday Cake Flavoring 

You’re Extraordinary- Fuchsia And Gold Holographic Glitter With Chunky Glitter And Pink Starburst Flavoring 

You’re Foxy- Copper, Gold And Red Chameleon Shift Gloss With Toast Marshmallows Flavoring 
 (Medium To Sheer)

You’re a Hustler- red, gold, green, purple, magenta Chameleon Shift Gloss With Açai Flavoring 
 (Sheer To Medium)
You’re A Gem- Teal, Green, Blue, And Purple, Magenta Chameleon Shift Gloss With Tutti Frutti Flavoring 
 ( Sheer To Medium)

You’re All That - Frosty Aqua Green Shimmer With Buildable Coverage With Fruit Loop Flavoring 

You Slay! Iridescent Pink + Purple Shimmer With a Splash Of Orange With Watermelon Flavoring 

You’re Beautiful- Iridescent Lavender Shimmer Gloss With Tutti Fruity Flavoring 
You Fancy - Clear Gloss With Rose Gold Chunky Glitter Strawberry Flavoring

You’re Bubbly- Clear Gloss With Iridescent Chunky Glitter With Fruit Loop Flavoring

Erase Your Insecurities Lip Scrub-
Erase Your Insecurities Lip Scrub is a 100% edible Lip Scrub😌 to scrub away Any insecurities, self-doubt, and bad energy to Give You, Happiness, Positive Energy and Self love and soft hydrated lips.
Directions- To apply, take some out on your finger and rub your lips in circular motions. Lick away excess👅 (yes, it's edible!) or wipe it off. 🧻

👑Erase Your Insecurities Lip Scrub 👑
*Berry Those Haters- Strawberry Kiwi Flavored Lip Scrub 
*Your A Phineapple- Pineapple Flavored Lip Scrub
*Mint To Shine- Mint Flavored Lip Scrub 
*Let That Mango- Mango Turmeric Lip Scrub
*You’re A Snack Birthday Cake Flavored Lip Scrub 
*High Hope -Hemp Infused Lip Scrub With Toast Coconut Flavoring 

Positive Energy Potion- Love the way your body looks and feels With Positive Energy Potion’s silky texture. Let your skin drink in the luscious oils. It leaves you with a new appreciation for your beautiful self. A Perfect Potion for Camfident smooth and soft skin.
Camfident Positive Energy Potion is 1oz w/a Glass Dropper 3 Variations :

*Golden Happiness- Real 24K Gold, Rose and Hibiscus Infused Body Oil (All Over Body Oil
Anti-inflammatory High In Vitamin C &E
Super Moisturizing
Great for Acne-Prone Skin
Protect From Harmfully Bacteria and Environmental Pollution

*Glow Getter Shimmer BodyOil With Holographic Glitter And Light Vanilla Scent 
Hydrating and Moisturizing
Shimmer Glow
Settling will naturally occur. Shake well before use.
Contains Natural Micas & Glitter 

*Bronze Beauty- bronze Shimmer With Gold Holo Glitter And Island Hops Scent

Camfident Skin 
Camfident Skin Is A All Natural Unisex  Face WashThat Camfidently Cleanse Your Skin Without Stippling Away All The Good Stuff. Feel Camfident About The Products You Use💕
Golden Honey-24K Gold, Honey, And Turmeric With Energizing Citrus Scent
Brighten Complexion
Reducing Acne Scars 
Balancing Skin
Increase Elasticity 

Hempy Tea- Green Tea, Hemp With Cooling Mint Scent.
Extreme Hydration 
Antioxidant Infused 
Fades Dark Marks 

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