Sassy Soufflé 2 In 1 Whipped Makeup Remover And Moisturizer 

Sassy Soufflé Will Aways Save The Day When It Comes To  Stubborn Waterproof Makeup This 2 In 1 Not Only Melts Away The Day’s Makeup It’s Also An Amazing Whipped Face Moisturizer That Leaves The Skin Moisturized And Glowing 


Extreme Hydration 
Antioxidant Infused 
Fades Dark Marks 
Healthy Glow 
Sassy Soufflé Directions 

Directions for use: This is a creamy, non-foaming cleanser. Use a small amount (quarter-sized or smaller) on fingertips or cloth
wipe on the skin in circular motions
rinse off with warm water or a damp towel. 
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Follow Up With A Pea Size Amount Of Sassy Soufflé To Hydrate And Moisturize The Skin

Sassy Soufflé