Magic Mood Mist Magic Mood Mists Are Genuine Crystal Infused Face Mists Perfect For An Instant Refresh Or Use As A Toner After Your Camfident Cleanser

(BOTTLES ARE REUSABLE ) Each Crystal Has Unique Benefits(KEEP YOUR CRYSTALS)  

Amethyst Rose- Is a Light Floral Scented Shimmer Face Mist

Benefits: Balances Face PH*Anti-inflammatory*Reduces Irritation 💎Amethysts Properties💎 Clarity Protection Cleaning

Tiger Eye Mint- Is A Cooling Jasmine Infused Mint Scented Mist  Benefits:  Hydrating*Tightens Pores*Antibacterial 💎Tiger Eye Properties💎 Strength Balanced

Confidence Tangerine Calendula - Light Floral Scented Mist 

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory*Soothes Eczema*Promote Skin Hydration And Firmness 💎Tangerine Quartz Properties💎 Joy Passion Inspiration

Directions: 1.Charge Your Magic Mood Mist In Sunlight For Maximum Abundance 2.Wash Face With Camfident Cleaner

3. Spritz On Face As Desired And Manifest Your Goals And Ambitions

Magic Mood Mist

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