Cutie Combos Are Perfect For The Cutie On The Go This Cute Combo Comes With One Camfidence Gloss Small Lux Of Your Choice And One Erase Your Insecurities Lip Scrub Of Your Choice
Camfidence Gloss 👑
*You're A Star- Clear Coconut Flavored Gloss With Holographic Stars Mint Scented
**You're A Diamond- Clear Cotton Candy Scented Gloss With Holographic Silver Glitter And Blue Shimmer
*You're A Queen- Clear Tropical Punch Scented Gloss With Gold And Holographic Glitter and Reflecks
**You Are Loved - Baby Pink Tinted Cotton Candy Scented Gloss
*You're A Brilliant- Brown Tinted Coconut Scented Gloss
**You're a Princess- A Sheer Shimmery Pink Tinted Gloss With Holographic Glitter Glitter Cotton Candy Scented
**You're Camfident- Iridescent Copper Gloss With Mint Flavoring
*You're Poppin - Iridescent Purple Gloss With Mint Flavoring
*You're An Empress- Clear Gloss With Orange And Green Glitter With Mango Flavor
*You're Intelligent- Clear Gloss With Blue Shades Of Glitter with Aqua, and Blue Shimmer Mint Flavored
**You're Royal- Flat Berry Purple With Passion Fruit Flavoring
*You're Unstoppable- Pinkish Purple with Blue And Aqua Shimmer
**You're Precious- Clear Gloss With Purple, Blue And Iridescent Chucky Glitter Glitter, Mango and Passion Fruit Flavored

👑Erase Your Insecurities Lip Scrub 👑
*Berry Those Haters- Strawberry Kiwi Flavored Lip Scrub
**Your A Phineapple- Pineapple Flavored Lip Scrub
*Mint To Shine- Mint Flavored Lip Scrub
**Let That Mango- Mango Turmeric Lip Scrub
Let That Mango- is A Mango flavored Tumeric Brightening Lip Scrub That Moisturizes Your Lips Erase Away Dead Skin And All That Bad Juju He Came With. Let That Man-go. Sista You Deserve So Much Better Than What He,s Giving You! You're A Queen And Never Forget!
💎Let that Mango- Sugar, Tumeric, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Flavoring

Camfident Cutie Combo

Gloss Shade
Lip Scrub Flavor



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