Camfidence Gloss Is A Non-Sticky Hi-Shine Lipgloss🌟 Made with Avocado Oil 🥑, Coconut Oil🥥, Almond oil🥜, Grapeseed oil🍇, Olive Oil 💛 This 

Product Is More Than Just A Lipgloss💄 It's A Confidence and Self Esteem Booster 🏗️Make Sure You Tell Yourself The Name Of The Gloss Every Time You Use It As A Reminder That You Are Wonderfully Made 👑


You’re Dazzling- Intense Silver Holographic Glitters With Peach Flavoring


You’re Gleaming- An Intense Gold Holographic Glitter With Champagne Flavoring


You’re An Angel- Cream Gloss With Birthday Cake Flavoring


You’re Sweet- Light Pink Gloss With Bubble Gum Flavoring


You're Darling - Nude Mauve Pink Gloss With Bubble Gum Flavoring


You’re Peachy- Deep Peach Nude With Toasted Marshmallow Flavoring


You’re Inspiring- Light Nude Brown Gloss With Birthday Cake Flavoring


You’re Extraordinary- Fuchsia And Gold Holographic Glitter With Chunky Glitter And Pink Starburst Flavoring

👑Camfidence Gloss 👑
*You're A Star- Clear Coconut Flavored Gloss With Holographic Stars Mint Scented

*You're A Diamond- Clear Cotton Candy Scented Gloss With Holographic Silver Glitter And Blue Shimmer

*You're A Queen- Clear Tropical Punch Scented Gloss With Gold And Holographic Glitter and Reflecks

*You Are Loved - Baby Pink Tinted Cotton Candy Scented Gloss

*You're A Brilliant- Brown Tinted Coconut Scented Gloss

*You're a Princess- A Sheer Shimmery Pink Tinted Gloss With Holographic Glitter Glitter Cotton Candy Scented

*You're Camfident- Iridescent Copper Gloss With Mint Flavoring

*You're Poppin - Iridescent Purple Gloss With Mint Flavoring

*You're Golden- Clear Gloss With Real 24k Gold Flakes Mint Scented

*You're Shining- intense Glitter Gloss With Pink Tones Multicolored Glitter Mint Flavored

* You're Charming- Clear Glitter Gloss With Pink, Green, And Purple Reflect With Mint Flavoring

• You're A Real One - Sheer Carmel Brown Gloss With Mint Flavoring

*You're Strong - Pure Silver Flakes With Sliver And Pearl Shimmer Mint Flavored

*You're Unstoppable- Pinkish Purple with Blue And Aqua Shimmer

*You're Precious- Clear Gloss With Purple, Blue And Iridescent Chucky Glitter Glitter, Mango and Passion Fruit Flavored

You’re Bright-Clear Neon Orange Gloss With Guava Flavored

You’re Electric - Clear Neon Yellow Gloss With Dragon Fruit Flavoring

You’re Bold - Clear Neon Purple Goss With Tutti Fruity Flavoring

You’re Fabulous -Clear Neon Pink Gloss With Strawberry Dragon Fruit Flavoring

You’re A Dream, Sheer Periwinkle Gloss, With Purple And Blue Refleck

You’re All That - Frosty Aqua Green Shimmer With Buildable Coverage With Fruit Loop Flavoring

You Slay! Iridescent Pink And Purple Shimmer With a Splash Of Orange Shimmer With Watermelon Flavoring

You’re Beautiful- Iridescent Lavender Shimmer Gloss With Tutti Fruity Flavoring

You Fancy - Clear Gloss With Rose Gold Chunky Glitter Strawberry Flavoring

You’re Bubbly- Clear Gloss With Iridescent Chunky Glitter With Fruit Loop Flavoring

Camfident Squeeze Tubes 15ML

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