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Camfidence Gloss is a non-sticky hi-shine lipgloss that has Vitamin E Avocado Oil 🥑, Coconut Oil🥥, Almond oil🥜, Grapeseed oil🍇, and Olive Oil In It💛, but this product is more than just a lip gloss💄 it's a confidence and Self Esteem Builder 🏗️ I would like you to tell yourself the name of the gloss every time you use it as a reminder that you are wonderfully made

You're a Star - Clear Toasted Coconut Scented Gloss With Pink, Sliver, And iridescent Stars. (Stars Don’t Come Out)

You're Kind- Clear Birthday Cake Scented Gloss With Pink, White And iridescent Hearts. (Hearts Don’t Come Out)

You're Fly- Clear-Tutti Frutti Scented With Blue, Purple And Fuchsia Reflect And Butterflies.(Very Slight Shimmer)

You're Brilliant- Rich Coco Brown Gloss With Toasted Coconut Scent. (Buildable Coverage)

You're Loved- Bubble Gum Pink Bubble Gum Scented Gloss.You're Worth It- Peach Pink Nude With Birthday Cake Scent.

You're Foxy-Copper, Gold And Red Chameleon Shift Gloss With Toast Marshmallows Scent. (Medium To Sheer)

You're Exquisite Clear Nude Shimmer Gloss with Gold, Pink, And Blue Shifts With Bubble Gum Scent.

You're a Goddess is a Clear Gloss with Gold, Pink, And Green Shift French Vanilla Scent.
Camfidence gloss
Versagel, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic, Olive Oil, Vegan Flavor, Pigment, Glitter, Confidence, Positive Energy.



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